The Story of Us

Chop was founded in 2015 by Sarah and Steve Bolinder and Danny and Katie Rainey.  This dynamic team has worked tirelessly to bring a vision to barbering never seen before.  Chop's mission statement is simple: We offer a vintage, unique barbershop experience to all humanity, regardless of gender, religion, age, socio-economic status, etc. in a clean, friendly, hip environment.  To accomplish this goal, Chop strives to create a team of well-educated staff members who put each other and their clients as top priorities.  


Steve and Danny are master barbers who grew up together in Tallahassee, Florida.  They work at the shops managing onsite and providing barbering services to both men and women.  If you stop by, you will probably see these guys giving it their all at both the Midtown and Killearn locations. 

Sarah and Katie are the unsung heroes of Chop.  They keep the organization running behind the scenes.  These ladies spend their days scheduling staff, purchasing supplies, managing technology challenges and keeping the clients happy.