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For the Gents

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Gents Quickie

$17. A classic clipper or scissor cut with a hot towel and neck shave

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Gents Standard

$20. A detailed, precision cut with styling, neck shave and hot towel.

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Skin Fade

$20. A detailed haircut that fades from skin, with neck shave and hot towel.

Razor Fade

$25. A precision skin fade but with a straight razor used on the sides and back


$27. A beard trim with a classic clipper or scissor cut, finished with a hot towel and neck shave.

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Little Boy's Cut

$14. Basic haircut with clippers or scissors for boys under 12

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Gents Shave

$20. Traditional straight razor face shave with hot towels & premier shave and skin products

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Mr. Clean

$20. Straight razor all over head shave

Undercut Design

$10. Design shaved into the hair

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Gents Color

$30+. Grey coverage or fashion color, color options of all kinds are available. Please call or schedule a consultation for details.

El Presidente-

          $65. Luxury men's service including a haircut, a traditional                      straight razor shave with hot towels, facial cleanser, shampoo                and blow dry style. Lasts one hour.

Add-On Shampoo-

          $5. Shampoo in addition to haircut

For the Ladies

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Ladies Quickie

$25. Women's haircut without a shampoo or blow dry

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Ladies Proper

$35. Women's haircut with a shampoo and blow dry style

Little Girl's Cut

Basic haircut for little ladies under 12

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Blow Out

$25+. Shampoo and blow dry style, may include iron work

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$60+. Detailed hair styling, usually for a special event, like an "up" style, an intricate braid style, a curl set, or other detailed look.

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Color Consultation

(Free). Complimentary color consultation prior to any color service

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Full Color

$50+. One single color all over. 

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Full Foil 

$95+. Full highlight or lowlight foils on the entire head. 

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Partial Foil

$55+. Partial foil highlights or lowlights. This is a smaller section of hair than a full foil, usually just the top or accent pieces. 

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$95+. Hand painting technique of hair coloring for blended highlights. Pronounced Bah-Lay-AH-ge

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Bright Color

$135+. Double process color where we first pre-lighten and then apply bright, fun color to hair. 

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$95+. Color technique where the hair blends from one color at the roots to another color at the ends. 

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Silver Hair

$200+. Pre-lighten and then toning service in order to give extra blonde hair a silver color. May take several sessions to achieve. 

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Multi-tonal Mermaid

$250+. Mermaid, unicorn, or galaxy-this just means it's hair color that has several different fashion colors in it. Includes bleaching. 

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Pastel Color

$250+. This service involves bleaching the hair to a pale blonde or white and using pastel fashion colors for a muted color effect. Price stated is starting price